Healthy Long Distance Relationships!


I like to think I am an expert in Long Distance Relationships. For the past 5 years of my life I was travelling back and forth between the UK and Australia, and during those years spent many months away from my husband (boyfriend at the time).

If there is two things I’ve learnt from LDR’s is that definately what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and true love will overcome any distance!

So I thought I’d share my top tips on how to get through a long distance relationship, happily, healthily and more in love than ever before (hehe).

1. Work towards the same goal

Always focus on the bigger picture. For us, our goal was our wedding. A lot of the time I went back to Australia to work and organise our wedding that was going to take place in Samoa. Planning a wedding in Samoa from England was just insane and very frustrating at times, so travelling back to Australia is what I needed to do to make our wedding dreams come true. We had our goal and we worked hard to achieve it.

2. Never get lazy in your relationship

When you’re apart for so long and different time zones come into play, it’s easy to have an out of sight out of mind attitude but that is not going to help your relationship or make the time go any faster, so don’t get lazy. Stay on top of your game, Skype as much as you can and never let your other half forget how much you love him/her.

3. Care packages are a must

This was my favourite thing to do for my love when we were apart. Care packages that are unexpected are the best surprise and keeps the romance alive! Anything from flowers, to an oversized card with love quotes and photos, to a big box of each others favourite treats, can be a perfect care package and make your special someone feel extra loved at times when you feel so far away from each other.

4. Keep yourself busy

This was probably what kept me sane at times when I just wanted to jump on the next flight and be with my man. So keep busy with work, exercise, girls nights, movie dates, anything really but just keep busy. The more you are doing the faster the time will go by and before you know it weeks have passed and it’s getting closer to the date you will be reunited with your lover!

5. Kiss and make up quickly

It happens to the best of us. Every couple has their ups and downs but when you are in a LDR they can seem so much worse. When you can’t physically kiss and make up it’s important to talk it out and get down to the bottom of the argument as soon as possible. The longer you leave it the worse you will feel, trust me!

6. Let yourself cry but not for too long

It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to miss the one you love, it’s ok to hate the situation you are in at times, but it’s not ok to walk around a depressed sad mess 24/7. So I used to have a little cry then get up, shake it off and carry on. A positive mind makes all the difference and is healthy for yourself and your relationship.

Remember, loving non-toxic relationships are a key principle of true health. I hope my advice is practical, fun and can guide you on the right track to a healthy LDR that will last. I do believe LDR’s can either make or break a relationship and in my case, it certainly made us. I am in a strong, healthy, loyal, loving marriage today and am so grateful we had that experience.


TW x


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