I used to love…

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Reflecting today and thinking about the foods I used to love and eat a couple of years ago compared to now. Before I knew better, before I had done my research and before I truly began to see junk, artificial, refined food for what it really is, this is what I used to love.

– Tomato Sauce
– Rainbow Paddle Pop
– McChicken Meal
– Solo
– Allens Lollies
– Cadbury Chocolate
– Afghan Cookies
– Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
– Frozen Coke

Before the ‘healthy me’ I thought I was relatively healthy, I knew these products weren’t great for me but always thought “everything in moderation”, right? I made more healthier choices than I did unhealthier choices and I have always been physically active. However my weight fluctuated, I was constantly tired in the afternoons, I used to suffer from a lot of headaches, I felt lethargic and I would always have a sore tummy ten minutes after the junk went into my mouth.

I can happily and honestly say today, I couldn’t tell you the last time I ate any of the above. It has been well over a year if not longer and I’ve never looked back. What changed the way I see food and helped me give up the junk for good, was being well informed and educated about the toxic substances that are in processed, refined, artificial, food-like products today.

I read a book about sugar then watched a documentary about food which completely turned my world upside down and opened my eyes to the clever junk food trap a lot of us are stuck in. Now that I know what I know, in my eyes (and many others) sugar is poison. Sugar is basically an anti-nutrient that takes away nourishment from the body. It poisons and damages the bodies defence mechanisms and is the leading cause of many illnesses today. I see any processed food with added, refined sugar as poison and poison does not belong in my body.

I wanted to write this blog article specifically to show anyone who wants to get healthy but feel like they love junk food too much to give it all up that I understand your lifestyle, because it used to be mine. I used to love the same junk foods without any knowledge of the damage it was causing inside of me and I used to think it was OK to have these as treats every now and then. Well the truth is, it’s not OK. The sooner I realised that, the stronger my willpower became to resist these fake foods for good and started nourishing myself with real, whole foods that provide the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals my body recognises and can use to allow me to be the healthiest and best version of me. I truthfully never feel like I miss out when it comes to desserts or treats, in fact I feel so fulfilled and satisfied I would never go back to what the old me used to eat, ever.

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On my Instagram page tays_way_ I am always uploading photos of healthy wholesome desserts that are so easy to make at home and ridiculously delicious! I discovered once I started to replace the bad stuff with the good my taste buds changed completely and I didn’t crave junk food anymore. I craved whole foods, fresh juices, raw desserts or smoothies packed with nutrients. I am not tempted by nasty products because I consistently nourish myself with real food every day, my body is used to receiving only nutritious goodness. I read a quote one day that stuck with me “your body wants what it’s used to, if you constantly feed it junk, it will crave junk. If you nourish it with goodness, it will only crave healthy food”. That has never been more true for me today. I believe the more people are aware of the chemicals and toxic ingredients in processed products and understand the damage it does leaving many people with sick and diseased bodies, the more people will see this fake junk food for what it really is and give it up for good.


TW x


6 thoughts on “I used to love…

  1. Stevie says:

    Anyone can quit the junk! But knowing the reasons why is key! Once you learn something, you cannot unlearn it and you certainly cannot ignore it 🙂 Love you, thanks for another great article xxx

  2. Celia says:

    All those treats look so delicious! Raw desserts are so much tastier than a lot of people think 🙂 Where did you watch the Food Matters doco? x

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