Health is Wealth

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I am in love with living a healthy lifestyle. It makes me feel alive, it makes me feel grateful, it makes me happy.

There is something really cool and empowering when you show your body the respect it deserves by nourishing, restoring and helping your body do its job. I have discovered when you give yourself some good old TLC, your body will reward and love you back.

This is how I have been rewarded by eating the right foods, detoxing and applying the ‘7 principles of health’ to my life.

– Limitless energy
– Clarity
– Strong body, mind and soul
– Clear skin
– New lease on life
– Self-worth
– Naturally strong immune system
– A heart filled with love and gratitude

When you change the way you eat, drink, think to that of healthy choices, thoughts and decisions, your whole world begins to change.

For me, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a chore and I am definitely not depriving myself of anything. I love to eat, move my body, stretch, hydrate, lay out in the sun, listen to music, cuddle my husband and rest. The way I see it is, you wouldn’t abuse or mistreat your best friend so why would you do it to yourself. You deserve the best attention, the best love and the best care from yourself. Treat your body the way you would treat your best friend.

Listen to your body, be kind, loving, understanding, patient and compassionate to yourself. When you eat the right foods and do the right thing by your body, it won’t let you down. Your health will begin to thrive and you will be given a new lease on life.

Since I started living to be the healthiest version of me, it has made me become a better daughter, sister, friend and wife. I am so rich in love, positivity, happiness, energy, I never take being healthy for granted and I am thankful every day.

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