Is your meat on drugs this Christmas?

The season to be jolly is well and truly here, people all over the world are getting ready for Christmas day and no doubt most family gatherings will more than likely be accompanied with A LOT of meat on their Christmas feast menus.

With that in mind it gave me something to write about, something I am becoming more passionate about and that is the brutal truth of factory farming.

“No matter how they spin it, factory farming can’t be natural or humane. Not for the chickens, not for the farmers, and not for the consumers.” – True Activist

Deep down I have always known it is a lot worse than most people realise. It is not only bad for the animals and how they are treated but for us humans who are in turn eating the meat. I have always been too much of a scaredy cat to actually sit down and bring myself to watch an actual video of the brutal conditions in which the animals live (if you can even call it that) and how poorly they are treated in too many factory farms today. But I have read more than enough articles to realise how disgustingly wrong it is.

From pigs in cages, cattle injected with antibiotics, chickens on growth hormones and dairy cows having their calves ripped away from them at birth, it can get really depressing thinking about it all. So I realised I should raise more awareness about factory farming issues and what exactly it is about meats we need to know before we throw some steaks on the barbie this Christmas.

According to an article posted by Collective Evolution these are the heart breaking factory farming facts:

– The majority of chickens raised on factory farms have their beaks cut off
– Male chicks that are born serve virtually no purpose to the egg industry so they are sorted from the females and ground up on the same day they are born
– The term that comes across as ethical “free range” isn’t at all and in some cases is worse for the overall well being of the chicken than being kept in cages
– Newborn calves are taken away from their mother almost immediately after birth
– More than 80 percent of antibiotics used in the US are fed to livestock
– Calves that are bred for veal are kept in tiny dark containers called veal crates for their entire short lives
– 82% of cows used for dairy productions have their tails cut off
– Pregnant sows are kept in disgustingly small cages and are unable to even turn around
– 65% of hogs tested from factory farms had pneumonia
– Almost all of the cattle raised on factory farms for the purpose of consumption are fed a diet that consists of GMO corn. Cows are naturally meant to eat grass


After reading all of that you may think my next sentence will be telling you why you should give up meat right now, but it’s not.

In my own experience I actually stopped eating meat for a month to see how my body would react and work without animal protein (as I mentioned in a previous blog article) and a diet with no meat just doesn’t work for me. Which is why we should keep in mind that every body is different and what works for me might not work for you and vice versa.

My point here is that if you do choose to eat meat, the most important thing is to make sure you know where your meat is coming from, what exactly is in it and what you can do to stop supporting inhumane factory farming.


Here are my tips when it comes to purchasing meat:

– Buy meat from a local butcher you can trust, ask questions about the kind of meat you are purchasing. Does he know which farm it is from, how it has been raised, has the animal had any hormones or antibiotics?
– Make a conscious effort to read the packaging and make sure it says ‘grass-fed’ and ‘organic free-range’
– Research a butcher near you that guarantees only grass-fed, sustainable, local quality meats


The meats that are injected with antibiotics and hormones are coming from sick, diseased animals due to unhygienic, inhumane farming conditions that is ending up on your BBQ and on your plate. It would be naive for us to think those antibiotics and hormones are not being passed onto us from the animals we are consuming. It would also be fair to suggest factory farming is in one way or another contributing to us being the unhealthiest civilisation to have ever lived with chronic disease rates rapidly rising each year.


This festive season make a conscious effort to mindfully purchase meats that don’t contain any nasties such as growth hormones and have been raised by farmers who are doing the right thing and treating the animals correctly.

More and mores articles and studies about factory farming are being brought to light and it gives the public a chance to become well-informed on how to make better choices for their health, the environment and the animals.

To find out more head to the below links.

Chicken Factory Farmer Reaches Breaking Point. Decides To Expose The Industry!



TW x


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