Why after 10 years of taking ‘the pill’, I will never take it again.

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Last October, in the middle of the night, lying in bed next to my husband I couldn’t fall asleep. For some reason all I could think about was the birth control pill I was taking and questioning what it was actually doing to my insides. How would it effect my fertility? What long term damage could I be left with? That night I made up my mind to stop taking the pill right then and there. I woke up the next morning, told my husband and went to the bathroom to throw my packet of Levlen ED pills in the bin.

I will be honest over the years taking ‘the pill’ I always knew in the back of my mind, this tiny white thing I swallowed every morning for the past 10 years of my life, surely could not be good for me. And my subsconcious was right. With all my research into pharmaceutical drugs and the negative effects they’re having on public health worldwide, I began to question the pill more and more.

Now with my own health blog and constantly raising awareness about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs, unhealthy diets and toxic lifestyles, I knew I could not continue taking a synthetic pill whilst at the same time share advice on holistic health. Even I can admit it would be hypocritical.

After I had decided to say goodbye to the pill once and for all, I came across Nat Kringoudis “The Hormone Revolutionist” blog articles and found myself reading and reading AND READING. This woman is incredible and every suspicion I had about the pill, she addressed, debunked and uncovered the truth. Reading her blog posts was like I was listening to one of my girlfriends for advice, except wow does she know her stuff. Nat holds a strong, educated stance against the pill, which I find so inspiring and admirable.

Here is the first blog post I read from Nat http://www.natkringoudis.com.au/the-pill-is-it-for-you-2/#more-7643 and once I read one, I found myself reading them all, watching her videos and buying her E-Book “Fertalise Yourself”.


This new refreshing information I had just learnt made me question everything I was ever lead to believe in my doctors office all those years ago when he so freely prescribed me the pill and assured me it was “safe”.

He somehow forgot to mention that while you’re on the pill, you DO NOT ovulate, you DO NOT get a real period, your hormones are suppressed and DO NOT work properly.

Just like myself, I knew there would be so many other females out there who just do not know the full story about the pill and what long term damage it is actually doing to us. Here are some “Did You Know” facts that even I didn’t know.

– Whilst on the pill, you do not ovulate
– The bleed you experience on the pill isn’t a ‘period’ but a withdrawal bleed from hormones
– The oral contraceptive pill is the most used pharmaceutical, world wide
– The pill interferes with fertility
– The pill significantly damages our gut health and reduces nutrient absorption
– According to the World Health Organisation, birth control pills are in the same class of toxins as tobacco and asbestos

Pretty scary stuff huh!

I have been off the pill for a while now and the changes I have felt within myself were totally worth talking about and writing up a new blog article to share with my fellow females out there! Because if someone had of told me what I know now, I would have ditched the pill a long time ago.

Because I had been on the pill for so long I didn’t realise how empowering it felt to have control back over my hormones, emotions and monthly cycle. When I learnt that on average it takes women coming off the pill, 6 months to get their actual period back, I freaked out. My first real cycle thankfully came 5 weeks after I stopped, but even still it wasn’t normal. Now after a few cycles my body is slowly getting back on track, finding it’s natural rhythm again. I have never appreciated being a woman more. Yes, the cramps are more intense and my cycle is a lot heavier (too much info I know but it had to be said) but being able to have a real, natural monthly cycle again is humbling and is actually one of the reasons why females generally live longer than males. We have the ability once a month to cleanse internally and while we have our period our body is also flushing out toxicity too, amazing isn’t it!

It’s weird to say but I feel a huge sense of freedom, not having to remember to take a pill every morning and not having my hormones and more importantly my fertility, suppressed 365 days of the year!

Even my relationship with my husband has changed. I am a big believer in vibes and connections and the connection with my husband has become stronger than ever before. It’s hard to explain in detail but I have become more in tune with my husband, my senses are heightened (or just alive again), the emotions I feel for him are on an even deeper level of love and we both feel so much more in sync as a couple. I am not ashamed to say a healthy sex life is vital for a healthy marriage! And can I just say getting off the pill has done absolute wonders for our “naughty time” in the bedroom (sorry mum if you’re reading this haha)!

After having been on the pill for 10 years and now off it for several months, I will never ever go back on it again. Not just for the health reasons but because my relationship is so much better off not having that tiny pill in my system.

Ladies if this is something you’re thinking about, I strongly encourage you to look up Nat’s website http://www.natkringoudis.com.au and her work .


She specialises in PCOS, endometriosis, periods and hormones!

Just reading what she has said over the years has given me confidence and restored my faith back in my bodies ablility to naturally do it’s thing! After all…who run the world?


TW x


7 thoughts on “Why after 10 years of taking ‘the pill’, I will never take it again.

  1. Renee says:

    Another great post and something I have thought of a lot! Thanks for the extra links too I’ve already read a few of her posts!!

  2. Lex says:

    It’s funny because as I was reading some of your recent blog posts I found myself wondering if you take the pill because it just doesn’t go hand-in-hand with your lifestyle…then BAM! I come across this post. I decided to go off of the pill in 2010, I believe, & I got pregnant, unplanned, in 2011 but ended up miscarrying & just had my son at the end of the summer last year. That was an unplanned pregnancy as well. Since I had him I am back on the pill but hate the effects on my body & am worried about how it is affecting him since I nurse so really feel an urge to stop taking the pill again but am terrified of becoming pregnant again so soon. I have discussed this with my husband but not sure what I am going to do yet. My questions to you are 1) How long have you been off of the pill? 2) I assume you just practice the rhythm method but are you guys just kinda like if it it happens right now it happens? It’s just impossible to be perfect with the rhythm method and there are those heat of passion moments 😁 so I guess I’m just looking for some pointers on how not to get pregnant at this point lol. Also, I know you’re not an expert in this area so I promise you will not be held accountable if I do choose to go off the pill and end up knocked up after taking your advice 😉. -TIA

    • taysway89 says:

      I have been off the pill for 9 months now and will never go back on it again. I actually find Nat Kringoudis period chart works for me (you can download it online on her website). I am very much in tune with my body and always listening for signs but I go off the chart, track my cycle and am aware of the high risk days of falling pregnant and its worked for me. Have a look at her website and she will give you lots of helpful tips on natural conception. The way I understand her information and knowledge, is that it’s not as easy to fall pregnant as everyone thinks, so I guess that takes the fear out of it for me! Hope my advice helps in some way! 🙂 x

      • Lex says:

        Thanks! I will check it out. I have also found an app called Cycle Beads (claims to be 95% effective in preventing pregnancy if followed perfectly) that I am going to try out once my cycle goes back to normal.

  3. Ms. Copeland says:

    Great post! For the past couple of months I have went back and forth with the thought of going off the pill. I have been on the pill for 12 years and in the past couple of months just realized that some of the things I have been experiencing (unexplained nausea, headaches, low libido, etc.) could indeed be linked to the pill. The funny thing is that I have experienced the nausea for many years, spoke with my doctor about it and not once was the pill mentioned as a possible cause (or at least not that I can recall). In the past month I have really battled with whether or not to ditch the pill and I have made the decision to stop. My cycle before the pill was very heavy and consisted of the worst cramps ever- pain that I would describe as torture. That’s the main reason I started the pill because the cramps really hindered me from doing a lot of things. So, naturally, I am very scared because I don’t know what to expect- after all, I have been on the pill my entire adult life. Reading this, along with other ladies’ posts has been extremely comforting and has definitely made me feel better about my decision.

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