Changing My Lifestyle Was The Best Thing I Ever Did.


Lately I’ve had many people contact me for advice on lifestyle changes and how to get started, which made me reflect on my own journey and smile at how far I have come.

Reading emails about people explaining the way they eat, how crappy they feel and seriously wanting to make changes for the better, reminded me of where I used to be when I wasn’t living so healthy and was controlled by sugar cravings and toxic habits.

So I thought I’d write a blog article that is personal in hope that it will be the last gentle push you need to take control of your life, make lasting changes and really truly value your health.

I realise scrolling through my Instagram page you will quickly get the idea that I love being healthy, sharing what I’ve learnt and showing how I live, which is a very holistic, clean, organic, nourishing lifestyle. But I haven’t always lived this way.

In fact most of my life, I lived the way many people are describing their own lifestyles to me in emails right now.

I was that girl who loved fast food, energy drinks, sugary alcohol, pastries, lollies and pasta. My diet was very high in bad carbs and I was absolutely addicted to sugar.

I never gave anything “organic” a second thought, didn’t consider how I was feeling (both physically and mentally) was directly related to how I was treating my body and I had no idea what a detox was.

I shake my head when I remember how badly I treated myself and laugh at thinking I could actually get away with abusing my body and still be able to function well. Yeah right! The truth is my body wasn’t coping well and it showed.

I suffered badly from eczema, was living in headache city, felt tired all the time, had mood swings that went up and down like a roller coaster, I used to have toxic thoughts and at the age of 18 was diagnosed with a benign tumour on the base of my brain. I never valued my health and I didn’t really love myself.

The me today compared to the me back then is polar opposites.

When I changed my lifestyle it gave me a whole new lease on life and opened up new opportunities for me I never knew existed.

At first it was hard, breaking years of bad habits and changing the way I had been eating for so long didn’t come easy. But it has been 100% worth it!

I have written many blog articles about how to get started and why I love living a healthy lifestyle.

You can read more here…

For those who have contacted me already or those who are considering making lifestyle changes let me just say this. I have been there and done it, my old toxic lifestyle wasn’t rewarding or fulfilling. It didn’t feel good, I wasn’t taking care of myself and deep down I knew something needed to change.

If you are tired of being sick and tired, you can do something about it. Do you want to live a life that is vibrant, nourishing, full of happiness, love and energy?

Recognise that YOU are fully capable of changing your own lifestyle and it will be the best decision you ever make. There has never been a better time to take control of your health and heal your own life.

Trust me, if I can completely change my lifestyle, you can too.

TW x


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