Wellness in SAMOA


I have travelled to Samoa many times but on my last trip to paradise, I went with a new perspective.

This beautiful, tropical, majestic island holds a piece of my heart. My Dad and in-laws were born and raised here, and in 2013 my husband and I got married in Samoa. It was also around that time that I really started to change my lifestyle for good.

It’s been 3 years of living, loving and breathing a healthy lifestyle, I knew when I went back to the islands, I wanted to unlock the wellness world that is in Samoa. This trip in particular, I really wanted to showcase exactly what Samoa has to offer when it comes to eating healthy and staying well.

I have an obsession for farmers markets, fresh produce, traditional cooking and all things COCONUT! And clearly I had come to the right place.

Eating healthy and staying well in Samoa I found was quite easy to do.

You only need to look around and see the abundance of coconut trees, endless plantations, beautiful blue sea and animals living wild and free to know there is plenty of fresh, natural, local food to nourish yourself with.


For duration of our trip, my family and I stayed at the beautiful Taumeasina Island Resort. It definitely has a home away from home feel and the staff were super accommodating. I had brought with us homemade baby food for my son which was stored in an Esky and stayed frozen from Sydney to Apia. The resort staff were kind enough to let me keep Ziggy’s food in their freezer and get it out numerous times throughout the day when I needed it. They also booked us into what I think is the best room on the island with breathtaking ocean views – room 514 (try and request that room if you’re planning a trip soon). I have stayed at many different resorts in Samoa but I have to say, Taumeasina Island Resort was by far the best when it comes to customer service and facilities. The facilities are exceptional, it is a great place for families to stay and their Fia Fia night makes for great entertainment. They also have a good selection of food. I found it easy to eat off their menu (I eat a Paleo-ish diet). There is a walking track around the whole island which became a family tradition every afternoon as the sun was setting. There are also lots of activities to keep the whole family busy such as kayaking, beach volleyball, aqua aerobics, tennis, an outdoor gym and a kids playground. Travelling with a young baby isn’t always easy but staying at this resort made my husband and I feel at ease.


Every time I visit Samoa I find more and more great places to eat. My favourite place to eat for lunch would by definitely have to be Nourish Cafe in the heart of Apia. The food is fresh, tasty and ORGANIC! They have a great range of smoothies, bliss balls, gluten-free cakes and a salad bar to make up your own organic salad. I actually ate the best Oka I have ever tasted in Samoa paired with their special breadfruit chips that are super delicious.

Bistro Tautau is my favourite place to eat for dinner. Owned and run by two Australians, their food is next level and is definitely a must when you’re visiting Samoa.

HOME is a quirky, eccentric, cool vibe cafe. Their grilled fish is caught fresh that morning and tastes absolutely divine with their salad and homemade dressing. The staff are also super friendly too, we had great conversations with our new friend Will.

Le Petit Cafe is owned and run by the beautiful Tailani. It is a french inspired, cute and refreshing place to nourish yourself, which is located right next to the Mailelani Soap Factory. They offer delicious smoothies, crepes, salads and even coconut lattes!

Litia Sini beach resort is the best place to eat at if you’re visiting Lalomanu beach. The food is so fresh and tasty. The menu is well thought out and my favourite dish would have to be the coconut crusted fish. I always look forward to nourishing myself here while spending the day soaking up the sun, sand and sea.

Krush Juice Bar offers a great variety of fresh juices and smoothies. I tried their amazing green juice made with the freshest, local ingredients. They also offer great vegan meals and snacks which is perfect for any vegans travelling to Samoa.


I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Farmer Joe’s and saw a small section of shelves dedicated to whole foods and healthy ingredients. If I had a kitchen in my room I would’ve definitely stocked up on some nourishing goodies to make and bake my own food. This is a great step in the right direction for Samoa and obviously a demand for it.

At Lucky Food Town they have a juice bar inside the supermarket. The staff are happy to make up your own personalised smoothie if you tell them which ingredients you would like.

Visiting the Farmer’s Market in the heart of Apia is a must for buying local produce. I stocked up on lemons, avocado, mango, banana and niu (fresh coconut) for my smoothies every morning. Not only are you buying the freshest and tastiest fruits and veggies but you’re also supporting farmers and their families which is really important in a place like Samoa.


During our trip we were fortunate enough to have visited a beautiful slice of heaven called Island Farm. It is currently still under construction but the lovely owners, Gwen and Mona kindly showed us around and spoke about their plans and vision. Their farm is simply breathtaking and I felt completely in my element. On the Island Farm they farm free-range pigs, grass-fed cows and grow organic fruit and vegetables. I was blown away with how peaceful and refreshing it was to be standing on the Island Farm. It was also super inspiring to be amongst like-minded people, showing us their dream that has turned into reality for them. We were the very first visitors to the Island Farm and we certainly won’t be the last.

On the very first morning that we arrived at our beautiful resort we saw a lively, energetic man running an aqua aerobics class in the main pool. Next to him I saw a table of juice and a banner that said ‘Wild Tumeric’. I was instantly drawn to it and made my way over to the table. I met Etu, the owner and creator of ‘Samoa’s Wild Tumeric Juice’.  He spoke about the amazing benefits of his juice and offered to take us on a tour of his Tumeric Factory. We excitedly said yes and arranged a day that he could pick us up and show us where he brews this nourishing concoction. Etu uses alkaline water and the best quality of wild tumeric he can source on the island.

The Mailelani Soap Factory is owned and operated by the Salanoa family. Here they create Samoa’s best and purest natural skin care range. Everything is handmade, ethically sourced and sustainable. They use organic coconut oil straight from local farms and all natural ingredients. You can tour their factory and see exactly how the soaps are made. I love their philosophy and of course stocked up on their lip balms, oils and lotions while I was there.


I can’t travel without my essentials which includes my blender for my daily smoothies. I would definitely encourage any wellness warriors travelling to Samoa to pack a small blender/blitzer/smoothie maker. I used it every morning to make my breakfast with the local produce I bought at the markets. I also packed apple cider vinegar, essential oils and a natural remedies first aid kit. I only use coconut oil as my sunscreen (it has a natural SPF) and coconut oil is everywhere in Samoa. I buy my sunscreen when I arrive as I like to spend money on supporting local businesses such as ‘Mailelani Samoa’.


If you have never been to Samoa, you must go, I promise you won’t regret it! If you have already been or are from Samoa, you will know exactly what I mean when I say it really is a slice of tropical HEAVEN!

TW x




4 thoughts on “Wellness in SAMOA

  1. ToluaTolua says:

    Loving your blog sister. Reading and cheering you on from Hawaii and so inspired by your work. Hoping we can connect online and spread more awareness about healthy living and living free from negativity! Alofa tele and aloha from Hawaii!

  2. Tolua says:

    Loving your blog sister! Sending lots of love and support from Honolulu, Hawaii. Hope we can connect on some ideas and spreading awareness on living healthy and away from negativity! Alofa tele and Aloha from Hawaii!

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