My little secret…

It’s been a while between blog articles, life as usual has been crazy busy and I haven’t had anything I felt I really needed to blog about until recently…

I have been keeping a little secret from my loyal supporters on my social media pages and the reason is because I needed time to see for myself the greatness of a game-changing product that has been put in my path for a very special reason.

Firstly I need to say that I get asked to sample different products all the time! I am always being approached to collaborate or promote, which I am super grateful for. But I am also very mindful and guarded when it comes to what I say ‘yes’ to. Integrity is everything to me, for that reason I have never and will never do paid posts. If I do post about a product or a certain brand it is because I wholeheartedly believe in it and want to share it with the world.

Which brings me to my next point. To fully understand where I am going with this post, I need to back track a little, to the start of the year and explain how this product came into my life.


At the start of the year I could feel my body was absolutely exhausted. I was feeling run down and fatigued, and I just put it down to being a busy Mum, running of little sleep, with a lot on my plate.

Motherhood sure is relentless and a decent nights sleep becomes a distant memory. My toddler breastfeeds like a champion and even though I truly love nourishing him and the bond we share, I know that without a doubt it takes a toll on my body and my energy levels.

So during this time I was taking high quality supplements to help support my body. However, it got to a point where deep down I felt like they had stopped working for me. My instincts were telling me that my body was lacking or missing something. I didn’t know what exactly but I knew I just needed something more.

At first I thought it may have been a certain product that was all the rage, being advertised by many of the people I look up to in the wellness world. I found myself buying this product to try but interestingly, I never actually opened the box. In a way it was like the universe was telling me that although this product was great, there was something even better coming and to just wait.

Not long after, I had arranged a long overdue lunch date with my beautiful friend Emma, I had connected with years ago while living in Japan. When we first met online, we found out quickly that we had so much in common, our values are the same and we are completely on the same wavelength. Emma is a holistic health coach, a Reiki master, a wealth of knowledge and one of my true mentors. As we were enjoying our lunch she told me she had a product that she has been bursting to tell me about. She started talking about mitochondria and cellular energy, and I was instantly intrigued.

It’s “purple rice” she said and showed me the bottle that had the letters ‘PXP’. This was something I had never heard of before but by the end of our conversation and the testimonials she shared, my gut instinct was telling me that I needed to try it.

In that same moment the thought crossed my mind, is this what my body has been calling for? Is this the universe showing me the product I have been waiting for? So I dove straight in and took my first teaspoon sitting in the cafe. I was surprised at how simple and easy it was to drink. Emma suggested to start taking 2 teaspoons a day and to let her know how I feel. I went home that day super excited and inspired after our heart-centred conversation, with a bottle of purple rice in hand.



That night after taking ‘PXP’, I honestly had the best sleep I had had in a very long time. There’s usually a hundred different tabs open in my brain when I climb into bed and I find it very hard to drift off to sleep. But that night was different, when my head hit the pillow, I drifted off quickly into a deep sleep.

The next day I woke up with so much energy, I practically jumped out of bed. I felt well rested, I felt clarity, I felt alert, I felt alive! Now you may be reading this in disbelief,  at first I was in disbelief too. In all my years I had never felt such a significant difference or results from a product so quickly. As the days went on, I only felt better and better. I remember speaking on the phone to Emma and saying that whatever this stuff is, it’s working and I want more.

Over the weeks I felt so amazing each time I took my ‘PXP’, it was only natural for me to want my family to start drinking it too. If this product was helping me so much (and I consider myself to be the healthiest in my family), I was super curious to find out how it could help my loved ones too.

My Mum who was going through menopause at the time, started drinking ‘PXP’ twice a day. The day after, she told me that she had the best night sleep and couldn’t believe how good she felt too. I remember thinking, ok so it’s not just me who is feeling amazing on this product, I’ll give it a couple more weeks and see what else changes or improves for her.

2 weeks later my Mum had a lot to report back. She was so excited to tell me that since taking ‘PXP’, the benefits had crept up on her subtly. She realised she was no longer suffering from hot flushes, her energy levels were consistent throughout the day, she was sleeping better and she had much more mental clarity. For the first time in a long time, she was actually motivated to do the mountain of paperwork for my Dad’s business. She fell in love with ‘PXP’ just as I did and wanted more. My first little experiment on my Mum was so successful, I was eager to test this out on another family member.

The next person to try ‘PXP’ was my twin sister Stevie. Since our teens and having had surgery to remove a macroadenoma on her pituitary gland, her hormones have never been the same. Her face would always break out in acne, her moods would fluctuate and she always felt fatigued.

Within the first week of taking ‘PXP’ she told me she felt so good, she thought it was too good to be true. Her energy increased, her moods levelled out and her skin had finally started to clear up. A month went by and Stevie was seriously glowing. Previously she had spent hundreds on facials and skin treatments, but in just one month of being on ‘PXP’, her skin looked better than it ever had before.

Onto my Dad’s story, who mind you is the biggest skeptic of all time. He is a very simple man and very old school. He is resistant to trying new things and he wasn’t happy that I basically forced him into trying ‘PXP’.

I remember sitting at the dinner table and him saying “I don’t want to take anything dodgy that is made in China”. I laughed and said firstly it isn’t made in China and secondly to just trust me. I made him up a glass of PXP and he reluctantly drank it.


Over the next couple of days I thought I wouldn’t ask him about how he feels, I will just wait to see what he says. If the biggest skeptic in our family thinks it works, then my job is done! I didn’t have to wait long to find out how he truly felt about taking this  “dodgy” purple rice. He secretly told my Mum that after taking it that night, he woke up with so much energy he practically raced off to the gym before work. That day I could see that he felt so good, I didn’t have to beg him to take it again because he actually wanted to take it himself! He then confessed, he believes that ‘PXP’ works, his ego just didn’t want to admit it to me. I laugh now when I see my Dad drinking his glass of purple rice. He calls it “TNT” because he says it gives him an explosion of energy to work throughout the day.

Fast forward to now and I have the rest of my family and my in-laws taking ‘PXP’ too. Including my 21 month old son who gets excited every time he sees me mixing up the purple rice powder in water. It has become a daily ritual and it gives me so much satisfaction as a Mum, knowing his tiny body is able to thrive because his mitochondria is thriving from drinking ‘PXP’ every day.

Every one has had different results and feedback for me. My Mother-in-laws constant pain in her shoulder has disappeared. My Father-in-law’s chronic gout hasn’t flared up since drinking PXP. My brother-in-law recently had surgery on his collarbone and when he went for his 3 week check up, the surgeon was in disbelief at how fast he had recovered and how he had full range of movement back in just a few weeks.

I should say that both my family and my in-laws all eat and live clean lifestyles. The only thing that has changed recently, is that we are now drinking purple rice.

‘PXP’ works in different ways for different people but one thing is for sure. We all have mitochondria in our cells that need to be nourished and fed, so that the body has the energy it needs to heal itself by itself.


Before I explain what ‘PXP’ is it’s important to understand what mitochondria is and the role it plays in our bodies.

Here is a video that explains this perfectly…

To put it simply mitochondria is our bodies batteries. It is what powers up our cells and produces energy from the water we drink, food we eat and the air we breathe. Collectively our mitochondria within each cell becomes our overall life force, our prana, our Qi.



My explanation of this product is that it is micronised purple rice and it works by feeding your cells.

It is a strain of purple rice that has been milled down to powder, the molecules then becoming the size of an alfa, which makes it bioavailable and nourishes the body on a cellular level. ‘PXP’ is a food, not a drug or a supplement so think of it like almond flour or cacao powder but instead purple rice. It is indeed a superfood and not one that is spoken about all over the world because at the moment is it exclusive only to ‘Enzacta’.

There is nothing else in the bottle, no fillers, no preservatives, no nasties.

It’s biological function is to feed the mitochondria that gives the cells of your body the energy for the body to heal itself. As our skin, brain, hair, muscles, organs, veins, glands are all made up of cells, the body will intelligently use the ‘PXP’ to feed the cells where it is needed most first.

The way that ‘PXP’ works is rather different from any other product and I must explain that everyones experience will be different and that all depends on what you have got going on inside your bio-individual body, how mitochondrial deficient you are and how many teaspoons you are eating daily.

What one person may experience from 1 teaspoon another may need 3 and that is simply because the more you have wrong or the more taxing your daily lifestyle is, the more you need when trialling micronised purple rice, it’s important to remember this.


One of the many reasons why I love this product is because everyone can benefit from it.

From 6 months of age to 99+, we all carry mitochondria in our cells and I believe we all have a mitochondrial deficiency to some extent because even things like WIFI and stress can weaken our mitochondria. In this day and age there is no escaping EMF’s and there is a huge amount of stress put upon us daily.

Something else that weakens our mitochondria is vaccines. This is another reason why I am passionate about ‘PXP’, because I honestly believe it will do a lot go good amongst vaccinated and vaccine-injured children.

To help explain what I mean and exactly how vaccines effect the mitochondria in our bodies, I had the opportunity to ask the US Vaxxed Team who recently toured here in Australia.

My question to them was “Do you know if or how these vaccines damage the mitochondria in our children’s bodies?”. The scientist on the team, Dr Brian Hooker, responded so intelligently as he is raising a son with a mitochondrial disorder and explains what happens to our cells when vaccines are injected into our bodies.

Here is the video recording, please watch from 12 minute mark…


When I talk about ‘PXP’ most people will tell me they have never seen it before. No one has heard of it, hardly anyone sells it and most people don’t know how to get their hands on it. That is what makes this product even more exciting, it is still brand new to Australia and most of you will be reading about it here first.

What makes ‘PXP’ even better is the fact that it is so easy to take. There are no big capsules to swallow and no funky tastes. It actually takes a lot of mitochondrial energy to break down, absorb and extract vitamins and minerals from many supplements on the market today. Which in hindsight I realise is why I felt like I wasn’t getting anything out of the supplements I was taking before ‘PXP’.

I used to always say that gut health is everything. Your gut is the centre of your bodies universe. It is the gateway to all disease. But then one day I started to think more about the gut but from a mitochondrial perspective.

If the cells in your digestive system don’t have the mitochondrial energy it needs to break down, digest and assimilate what goes into your gut, it will just be passing through and your body won’t be able to absorb anything properly.

I know we are what we eat but if we go further than that we actually are more what we absorb. If you are eating all of the right foods and taking all of the right supplements but you are not absorbing them efficiently, you are pretty much wasting your money.

Looking back I realise my gut wasn’t absorbing properly and was it because the cells in my gut did not have enough mitochondrial energy to do so effectively? I think so.


It is my belief now that the importance of mitochondria actually comes before gut health.

I honestly believe we need to address our mitochondria first. When our cells have the mitochondrial strength they need, then our guts will be able to function on a higher level, better than it ever has before.


I have been drinking ‘PXP’ for the last 6 months. Myself and my whole family have had amazing results on this product and I have seen firsthand what ‘PXP’ is capable of doing. I can say with conviction that ‘PXP’ is one of, if not the best product I have come across in all my years.

‘PXP’ is the only food on the market that is micronised to directly feed the mitochondria in our cells. It is pure, beyond organic and truly in a class of it’s own.

I am fiercely passionate about ‘PXP’ and what it can do, so much so that I have taken a huge leap of faith and decided to align myself with the company.

My reason for this is because every day I see or talk to people who suffer from multiple health conditions. So many of us are walking around so sick. Every time I see someone struggling physically and mentally I automatically think, “they need PXP”.

I believe divine timing has put ‘PXP’ in my path because it needs to reach a lot of people.


I am currently sinking my teeth into this mind-blowing booked called ‘LIFE – the epic story of our Mitochondria’.

According to the author of this book, life as we know it would not exist if it wasn’t for a chance event, when 2 single-cell bacteria collided together over billions of years ago and formed the first epic universal masterpiece which we now know to be MITOCHONDRIA!

I am only just scratching the surface of my mitochondria and ‘PXP’ journey and I can feel it in my soul that I am in for a wild ride!


(for more info on how you can get your hands on a bottle of PXP, feel free to email me at

TW x


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